February 5, 2020


In the legendary words of Mr. Richard Saul Wurman (Architect, Graphic Designer) “learning is remembering what you’re interested in…” And in keeping that very spirit kindred and going at Just Robotics becomes all the more important. 

ILS started with a very simple ‘quest to be informed’ about and of all things important and otherwise. It’s a bottoms-up approach towards learning something new (and interesting or both).

ILS is another step in admitting the times we live in, as Dickens put it so eloquently “it’s the best of times and worst of times” and where the need is a precursor of innovation, as is addition (of all things necessary to come together and form one entity), subtraction (to do away with that which is unnecessary and redundant) and the epiphany of celebrating an idea of a single human being (or a collective) who’s time has truly arrived/come.