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Annual Programs

We work closely with educational institutions, such that our goal towards an inclusive education becomes a reality. Our syllabus is programmed such that it fits snugly into an already existing curriculum of the said institute. Our sessions are spread over the calendar year, wherein mandatory 24 sessions of 1 hour each will ensure the best of learning and more importantly, a lot of fun.

Boot Camps

Intensive. Programs. on STEROIDS! That’s what our boot camps are like; these programs can be tailored in accordance to your needs (Team Building Activities), we’ve done everything, from one day workshops to one spanning the entirety of a weekend (2-3 days), and sometimes a super intensive program that runs the length of a whole month (30 Days).

Innovation Labs

We set up (Innovation) Labs, one that’s more keyed in to making, building, programming #robots. Just Robotics helps setup these labs in schools, colleges, (even) companies. Heck, we’ve already done one on an apartment complex.

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Make Many Robots

Make Many Robots is a learn robotics program for kids aged 8 to 16 years. It is an affordable monthly subscription program that sends out learning kits every month including books and videos. Through understanding fundamentals of Mechanical and Electronics, kids will eventually progress to Coding, Programming, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The whole program is designed to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the process of building robots.

About Us

"We need to show kids its more fun to design and create a video game than to play one!” - Dean Kamen.
Mission: Inspire Students to fall in love with Science and Technology.

Just Robotics strives to deliver technology in its simplest form to people - right from kids, students, and professors to researchers, engineering professionals and technologists. We believe that technology is a tool and the highest impact happens when technology is learnt in its simplest form. Knowledge should emerge from problem situations so that students “have a strong conceptual basis for reconstructing their knowledge at a later time.” Just Robotics aims to make learning science and technology simpler, easier and quicker - supportive to the classroom pedagogy. With the extensive use of platforms such as robotics, open source hardware and software, out-of-the-box tools, and a cutting-edge focus on skill hacking, and encouraging jugaad innovations, Just Robotics lives by the code we have wired into our system. Yes, just like a robot.

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