March 26, 2015

Our Story

“We are an Engineering Design, Innovation driven Education and Research Company.”

We facilitate student and teacher interactions,

  • conduct workshops and training programs,
  • science awareness programs,
  • summer and winter camps at various centers across Bangalore.

Just Robotics is striving to deliver technology in its simplest form to people right from kids, students and professors to researchers, engineering professionals and technologists.

We believe that technology is a tool and the highest impact happens technology is learnt in its simplest form. Knowledge should emerge from problem situations so that students “have a strong conceptual basis for reconstructing their knowledge at a later time.”

Just Robotics aims to make: learning science and technology simpler, easier and quicker, supportive to the classroom pedagogy. Use of platforms such as robotics, open source hardware and software, out of the box tools, focus on skill hacking, encouraging Jugaad innovations add icing to the cake.

Our mission is to “Use Robotics as a tool to motivate, inspire and excite students, especially children to study science and technology in a more practical way.”

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