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We at Just Robotics are a fun bunch. We say that with a lot of pride, and joy. So, one day our CEO decided to mentor kids or anyone aged above 8 years of age to enter Robotics Competitions, and more importantly win them.

If you ask him, he’ll say “the important bit is to enter competition” but we at Just Robotics understand the pure exhilarating joy of winning and the immense efforts that is required to do so. The various factors that contribute to a win is many, and you’ve to be better at all of them than the next team, on that particular day within the prescribed rules and regulations and still one’s not guaranteed a victory and we at Just Robotics know this feeling all too well.

Precisely why we decided to open up our office to ‘Mentoring’ teams for various Robotics Competitions. And when we say ‘open up’, we mean it; we’d kids going back home at 11:30 in the dead of the night. After having spent close to 6–8 hours tweaking, and re-tweaking their bots, in-terms of design, the working and strategizing based on the rules of Robo-War Competition.

(Poster of the Competition)

Name of the Competition:

Chrome, 2019 (an Inter-school Robotics competition held at Chrysalis High School on August 24, 2019)

Names of the Team:

The Terminatorz and Titans

Team Composition:

Terminatorz was/is composed by Jesai Tarun, keith James and Jayden Mathew from Class 8 B

Titans was/is composed by Rishikesh S, Samanyu V and Roul Singh Denga from Class 5 A

Oldest one on the team was all of 14 and the youngest was (a-jealous-inducing) all of just 10 years old! Oh our proud hearts just leapt with so much joy, just to see their camaraderie on display. They did everything in their wake to work, design, build machines that challenged their own skillsets and how!

We managed to win an impressive 1–2. Talk about dominating and winning the field. The initiative is off to a great start if you ask us, and this means the pressure is that much more, now that we’ve a reputation to safeguard and we to keep bettering ourselves is added to our woes, but it’s sort of the woes we don’t mind having. Any day!

Bring on the competition already.

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